Our Story

Depths About The Journey


Wah Gwaan (Hi)

I am Taj, the mastermind behind Barefoot Daze Essentials. Growing up in Jamaica and being raised by my Grandma comes with so many exciting memories that inspired the birth of Barefoot Daze Essentials. 

The name itself "Barefoot Daze Essentials" stems from my deepest love for Mother Nature and one of her finest treasures - THE BEACH !!!

Reflecting on my many experiences at the beach - from the hot sand between my toes, to the mini waves splashing against my ankles, to touching, exploring and being fascinated with the dried seamoss on the shoreline and to soaking up the warmth of the sun, from then and there I had naturally created intimate sole connections with nature - vital for my existence.

Another amazing memory was my Grandma always took the natural and herbal route to cure or heal any sicknesses my brother and I suffered from; whipping up some of her BEST concoctions. 



It's a cultural and family tradition I took with me throughout my adult life and when B.D.E came to life I decided to incorporate all her remedies into all my Seamoss products.

It's been an amazing journey so far but I'm thrilled for what's next!!!

Thank you for taking a ride with me on this journey!!!



It is our mission to inspire and provide our customers with natural, organic and herbal seamoss products that boosts healthy living while healing the body from the inside out.

We believe healthy living is a lifelong journey that not only focuses on the physical being but delves into the mental, emotional and spiritual.

Guided by my Grandmother's traditions and the Jamaican culture, Barefoot Daze Essentials uses 100% organic ingredients in all our Seamoss products which includes organic exotic fruits - similar and indigenous to those on the island, high-grade organic superfood powders, herbs and spices, perfect for all health and beauty regimens.  

It is our vision to magnify and create generational health with Mother Nature's healing treasures - fruits, plants, herbs, spices etc.